What kind of Maintenance does a tree need? Part 1

Have you ever asked yourself ‘ What kind of Maintenance does a tree need’? Does it make a difference if they are in the forest or in a well-maintained yard in the city? Knowing the needs of your trees is great tree care information to have. A Tree Service is helping you by providing some ideas for you to perhaps make your own tree maintenance plan. Having a plan will significantly help arboriculture growth and prosperity. With out trees, we can’t breathe.

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Soil Maintenance

Soil maintenance for the proper tree growth is a major aspect in healthy arboriculture! In the forest trees will grow significantly due to organic matter that decays. Although most time as a home owner with a yard. Tree maintenance could use some human assistance, for instance:

  •           Mulching– Maintaining a 2”-4” layer of fallen leaves or purchased mulch will help the roots absorb more nutrients for healthy growth. Keeping the mulch away from the root flare and trunk will ensure no mold, rot, or harm will become of the arboriculture.
  •           Plant Plants– Plants will give the forest feel into your backyard and look good doing it! Shade-tolerant plants will assist a healthy soil environment for the tree above. Thinking of the plants as a “live mulch” picking out a plant that will last a long time is a great idea. Although, composting old plants is a great way to recycle!

Efficient Watering

Efficient watering for healthy tree growth is another must. Looking into tree care information about how to water your trees can be draining. Here are a few basic ideas on how to maintain effective watering for your arboriculture.

  •           Winter– Chill on the water, they are good – no extra watering is necessary.
  •           Summer– If it hasn’t rained for a while, give your trees a good soak, they respond better to that than a mist here and there.

Keep in mind, during drought seasons it is always the best time for a good tree bath. Also, keeping up with the soil under the canopy will greatly help mother nature take its course to enriching the roots!

Roots Maintenance

Some other awesome tree maintenance tips involve root assistance. Preventing damage to the soil and root structure is one crucial aspect. Compacting the soil in the root zone will decrease the amount of water infiltration and oxygen is the greatest threats to the root system. The critical root zone is susceptible to disruptions. Even changing the grade of the soil to your tree will, overall, in time decrease its health and growth.

What kind of maintenance does a tree need?

Do you feel you understand? To go further indepth read our part 2 – coming soon!

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