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Now is the time to Trim your Trees Minneapolis! A Tree Service offers Tree Trimming Services in Minneapolis, MN and all surrounding suburban cities. Tree Trimming and Pruning is best left for the winter, when the ground is frozen, and the trees are no longer producing leaves. Our MPLS Tree Trimming Company offers affordable trimming/pruning services that protect the tree and leave as little damage as possible. If you live anywhere within the Minneapolis area or suburbs, from White Bear Lake to St. Anthony and anywhere in between, we are the company you can call for a professional job well done. And don’t forget an affordable price!

Tree Trimming Services Minneapolis MN | Why Trim in Winter

As we briefly explained above, winter is the best time to Trim/Prune your trees. But why is that? Below we have a list explaining the Benefits of Tree Trimming/Pruning in the Winter.

  • The risk of Insect & Disease contraction is minimal, due to the cold weather.
  • Every aspect of the tree is more visible, making it easier to remove branches & notice issues.
  • Trees heal faster from Trimming & Pruning in the winter months, because they are dormant and not using energy on leaf production. Think of it like sleeping when your sick, it really does make a difference in recovery time.
  • When all the leaves are gone, and the ground is frozen, access to the tree becomes easier and it also lessens any landscaping blemishes that could occur, if we need to bring our machines into your yard.

Professional Tree Trimming Services Minneapolis Minnesota

Call our Tree Trimming Professionals today for more information on our Tree Care Services and for a Free Estimate on your Tree Care needs.  You can also contact our tree company through our Online Form on our website.

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