Tree & Stump Removal Edina MN

Looking for a company to perform Tree & Stump Removal Edina MN? A Tree Services is a fully licensed, insured, ISA Certified and experienced. With over 30 years serving Edina and the surrounding Minnesota cities, we have the skills it takes to make tree removal quick and precise. From Large, Crane Tree Removal to open spaces, front, back and side yard – no job is too big or small for our tree & stump removal professionals. So, contact us today for a free first estimate on your tree and stump removal needs.

Reasons for Tree & Stump Removal Edina MN

  • Hazards – As you know, dead tree standing can be a huge liability. If it is near a sidewalk, or if anyone for that matter walks by it and the dead branches fall, you are liable. Dead trees can fall at any time and if there is someone or something under them, it will cost you a pretty penny.
  • Unsightliness – Sure, you can try to dress up a dead tree or old stump by adding bird feeders, potted plants or other distractions. But the truth is, until it is gone, it is not going to look any better.
  • Costly – If you have a dead tree close to any buildings, vehicles or other items, they can easily cause damages. Just a little bit of wind can destroy the standing of a dying tree, leaving damages where it lay. Ones that you would have never had to deal with if you would have called us sooner.
  • Lowers Property Value – If you are trying to sell your house, it is important to remove dead trees and tree stumps. In this competitive market, no new home buyer will be excited to have to get that work done on top of moving in, changing schools, stores and furnishing the place. Get your property ‘show ready’ by removing dead trees and stumps.
  • Invites Insects – Just like a picnic invites ants, dead and dying trees and stumps invite insects for an all-you-can-eat buffet. Beetles that can harm your other trees, termites, and other insects would love to move on into your property, rent-free.

What are you waiting for, give them an eviction they can’t squirm out of and contact us today. 612-724-6045

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