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Are you looking for A Tree Service Edina Minnesota? Our company fits that description to a T. Contact an ISA Certified Arborist for your Free, On-Site Estimate so we can get started on your property asap. Our Tree Service Company in Edina offers: Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Care, Tree Inventory, Tree Inspection, Insect & Disease Management and we serve Residential, Commercial & Municipal Properties.  From Emerald Ash Borer to a Fallen Tree on your Home – we deliver only the best in our industry! 612-724-6045

A Tree Service Edina Minnesota | Certified, Licensed & Insured Arborists

We cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a properly Licensed, Insured and Certified Tree Care Company. Tree Care, as an industry, is one of the most dangerous. If one branch falls the wrong way, it could mean major property damage and, the worst-case scenario is death. That is a heavy burden every tree care company lives with, that is why education, experience and the proper credentials are critical. If someone gets hurt on the job, you could be solely responsible, if working for a company that is not licensed or insured. If you think tree removal is a pretty penny, it is hard to describe the cost and toll of that scenario.

How to ensure A Tree Company is Properly ISA Certified, Licensed & Insured?

  • ISA Certified Arborist – The first step would be getting their name and going to the ISA Website and Find an Arborist or Verify Credentials. Our Minnesota Arborist is Jesse Volk. The International Society of Arboriculture is a world-wide organization dedicated to the healthy of arboriculture and professionalism for both tree workers and clients needing tree services.
  • Licensed Tree Service Company – A Tree Services is properly Licensed (#69109). If you need to see if another company is properly licensed search ‘Licensed Tree Care Companies’ and fill in your location. We are in the Minneapolis, MN area.
  • Insured Tree Service Company – Once you have verified the first two credentials, directly contact the tree care company and ask for their agent to send you a copy of their Certificate of Insurance.

A Tree Services Edina Minnesota

Now that you have done your due diligence, you can be at ease knowing that the Tree Service Company you hire is professional and has all the needed requirements to come onto your property and work with your trees. Call A Tree Services for a Free, On-Location Estimate today. 612-724-6045