From Tree Planting to Stump Grinding in Minnesota

The health of your community and the value of your property depends on trees. Healthy trees look beautiful for the environment. They are an investment that has great returns. On the other hand, poorly managed trees are hazardous to the environment. If tree work is also done poorly, it poses a risk to the people living around the area. That is why tree services would be performed by a highly skilled professional.

An arborist is an expert who understands the science and art of caring for trees. An ISA Certified Arborist has the capability of understanding the needs of the trees while providing care and the necessary maintenance to enhance the health, structural goodness, and beauty of the tree.

What can an ISA Certified Arborist do?

If you want to maintain the investment you have made on your trees, an ISA Certified Arborist will provide the necessary services from planting, trimming, pruning, tree removal, and tree care.

From Planting to Stump Grinding & Everything In between

The best way to learn the type of tree you need to plant and how to take care of it is by seeking the guidance of an arborist. Planting the wrong tree at the wrong place will always bring about other issues in the future. For instance, you can have limited space for the tree to grow, the infestation of insects and diseases, which will cause weak growth. Planting large trees also requires special skills and equipment. Consult an ISA Certified Arborist on proper planting and overall care of the plant to ensure that you get mature trees that can recover easily once they are moved. In addition, ISA Certified Arborists can assist with the process of stump grinding.

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Tree Pruning

An Arborist knows the right time to prune and how to prune trees to ensure that their overall health is improved. Trees require pruning to:

  • Remove damaged limbs and branches
  • Remove diseased, weak, or dead limbs
  • Train young trees to grow with a strong structure
  • Remove excess weight that is on the ends of the branches
  • Provide trees with a better shape

Tree Healthcare

Proper care of the trees ensures that they survive even after an insect infestation occurs. Arborists recommend maintenance measures like:

  • Pruning correctly
  • Improving the root growth of the tree through aeration
  • Using an injection of spraying program to control some diseases or insects
  • Bracing or cabling for added support to branches that do not have strong attachments
  • Preventative safety evaluation or assessment.

Working with ISA Certified Arborists is a sure way to nurture healthy trees. At A Tree Services, we have an ISA Certified Arborist who has been trained on thousands of hours on tree care.