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Tree Disease Prevention & SolutionsHere, at A Tree Service, we love forestry! Now just because you may not be as passionate as we are about forestry and trees doesn’t mean it’s not something to pay attention to. These beautiful living trees deserve great health just as all living beings do. Just like us, trees on your property can become susceptible to tree diseases, fortunately, we have the industry’s best tree disease prevention & solutions in Anoka to help stabilize a weakening or infected tree. We also are skilled at eradicating the chance of it spreading further, with the correct procedures set in place you won’t be dealing with a never-ending headache of dying vegetation.

We Know Tree Disease Prevention & Solutions for Minnesota

We are encouraging you through these winter months and beyond to get connected to the status and health of your trees and forestry in the Anoka area! Whether your forestry and trees are established on your personal residential property, municipal or commercial land, we are here to educate you and serve your forestry needs!
What we are encouraging you to take on this week is observing the health of your trees. And we want to educate you about tree disease and how we can proactively support disease prevention and support. And even more specific are committed to informing you of Oak Wilt.

Oak Wilt: Common Minnesota Tree Disease

Oak Wilt affects mostly Oak trees and is typically found in the southern part of the state. Now it is spreading to the mid metro area of Minnesota. This includes Anoka as well.

What is Oak Wilt you ask? Oak wilt is caused by a nonactive fungus and is a vascular disease of the tree. The way that this disease is spread and how it can kill thousands of trees a year is from two ways.

  • The first way is through root grafts, this is when trees planted close together or grown close together where the root connects and grafts with another trees root system. When the tree gets wounded an infection can start then it is easily transferred to another tree through its connection when grafts occur. Therefore creating a mass infection.
  • Another way for the trees to become infected is above ground by beetles carrying the fungus from one tree to another. The most common time of year for this infestation to occur through the beetles is between April 1st and July 15th.

Tree Disease Prevention & Solution Specialists

If you have noticed any changes in your oak trees on your private residential forestry, municipal or commercial land please contact us today for an inspection. We will be able to professionally confirm or not if this is occurring in your Oak trees. Again, we have trained certified arborists on staff to provide you with this service. We are equipped with tree sprays and tree injections to support the prevention of this disease to your Oak Trees among many other common diseases near Anoka, MN.

Please consider contacting us today to support your beautiful Oak trees in thriving in Minnesota, healthily and abundantly!

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