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Trees are just like any other living organism. They need proper maintenance to survive. A Tree Service knows exactly what to do to ensure healthy growth and a long-lasting life. Hiring a professional company not only frees up your time but assists your arboriculture in the longevity of its life time. Here are a few tips from our Twin Cities MN Arborists

Tips from our Twin Cities MN Arborists:


Watering trees goes a long way! Arboriculture thrives on water, it soaks it up and harnesses all the nutrients to assist in healthy growth. Older trees do not require as much service from us than newer arboriculture does. A seasoned tree with deep roots can get 100 gallons of water through the ground in a day! New growth with shallow roots requires about 10 gallons per inch of the diameter of the tree for water. Drying out the tree will slow the growth and become more susceptible to diseases and invasive species. Water your trees for the best tree maintenance!

Soil Testing

Another aspect of tree maintenance is soil testing. Having inadequate soil can drastically worsen the tree growth and make the arboriculture susceptible to tree diseases. Testing your soil will give you an accurate reading on your PH levels, soil composition, nutrients, and acidity in the soil. Having the correct soil for your arboriculture will greatly assist in the healthy growth of your trees. Professionals can help read the soil for you or you can have a DIY kit that can give accurate readings!


Mulch is more than just a beautiful division between trees and grass. Mulch is great for arboriculture maintenance. Having the correct amount of mulch, which is usually about 3’ to 10’ around the tree, helps insulate and retain water. Think of a blanket for those cold, frigid days, mulch keeps the roots warm. The mulch acts like a sponge keeping as much water for the tree to grow even when it hasn’t rained. Having mulch placed around new trees is a great way for them to survive!

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