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Columbia Heights Tree Care CompanyA Tree Services, a local Tree Care Company in Columbia Heights, MN provides professional care to the trees around many properties. The reputation that our company has acquired has come from a long time of providing professional services, safe services and happy clients after a job well done. This brings about a culture to ensure that each client served is committed to coming back for our services in the future. That kind of dependability and trust is what our business cares about. We offer all of our tree care services to residents, property and business owners in Columbia Heights, MN. These include tree trimming and pruning, plant health care, vegetation management, tree inspections, site clearing, storm damage, tree removal, stump grinding, tree injections and EAB treatment.

Trimming and Pruning

The look and shape of a tree makes the property look really great. Trimming and pruning is the ultimate way of maintaining tree health and the secret to a beautiful garden or property. Another benefit of well-trimmed trees is the clearance that people get towards the road and the neighborhood. We have a great team of professionals who assure tree health and great service on your property.

Tree Removal

There are trees that have stood the test of time and removing them is not only an option, but the only option. There are times when a tree is infected by a disease and it cannot be maintained. When you have this type of tree in your neighborhood, our qualified staff has the right equipment for removing the tree. It is important to vet the company that you are contracting in order to find out their capacity. A tree can be a very odd place or in a sensitive environment; a well-equipped professional team should always be used for this kind of service.

Tree Injections

Pests and diseases cause major effects to the trees around your property. It is said that prevention is better than cure. This comes in action when trees are given injections to prevent diseases from spreading from one tree to another. A certified tree inspector is the right person for the job because our knowledge and experience ensures the right treatment will be given to your trees.

Stump Grinding

Stumps from trees make the garden or the landscape look really ugly. They are also hiding spots for insects and pests, which might spread infections to other trees. Using a stump grinder, the stump is reduced to wood chips in such a short time.

Columbia Heights, MN Tree Care Company

We take pride in offering great service to our clients. Call us today at and schedule an appointment for us to prepare a quotation for your garden and tree care. (612)724-6045

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