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Tips for Planting TreesWe would like to share with you some Tips for Tree Planting¬†and other vegetation. As the Summer approaches and the risk of frost is in the rear view mirror….(for now). We can look ahead on cultivation. Whether it be planning for new apple trees, finding a spot for a little vegetable garden or maybe just beautifying the landscape by your home or office. There is so much potential in these months to come.

Tips for Tree Planting:

Take Notes of Sun/Shade Spots in your Yard

There are so many different types of trees. And each yard is different. Before you can decide what trees you want to plant, you have to get of feel of how long the sun hits your property and which locations. Just because there is open space doesn’t mean trees around the property don’t cast shade. Take a few minutes on a handful of sunny days to walk around in the morning, afternoon and evening to see what locations have sun, which are shaded and note locations with mixed sun and shade.

Research tree types

Now it is time to research the trees that catch your eye. Be sure to take into account their sun/shade needs, location possibilities in your yard, size you have and the life expectancy before you get too attached to any one species.

Plant for the mature size

When securing the location of your desired tree be sure that it has room to grow. Do not plant a tree that you feel you may need to move in a couple years. Find a location that the tree can comfortably grow old in, with room to stretch out both its roots and branches.

Keep large trees away from the house

Trees can provide a massive cooling affect. However, if a tree is planted too close, it will end up being a property damage risk. Storms, lack of root growth on one side and the need to trim branches to prevent siding or roofing damage will not only strain the tree but it will also have you questioning it with every storm that passes.

Mulch to ensure health

Young Trees do especially well when mulched. Mulching Trees correctly can speed up growth, ensure the soil is rich and prevent over drying when that summer heat becomes brutal. Be sure to research Mulching Trees more before you just go for it. There are many helpful tips out there!

Timing is everything

It is best to plant trees in mid Spring in the Midwest. However, they will survive when being planted in the summer. Fall is also a perfect time to plant new trees so they can focus on root growth throughout the winter, instead of leaf growth. Each tree has different needs. Be sure to speak with the garden center/green house you purchase your tree from. They will likely have more information for you on your specific selection.

Mark location

If you are excited to watch the magic of a little bitty tree turn large and mature over the next few decades, make sure you mark that little tree; to give it the best chance. Mowing over your freshly planted tree is more than likely not your intention, or the intention of anyone else trying to help maintain your lawn.

Keep it native

Last but definitely not least, KEEP IT NATIVE! If you want to give your tree the best chance at surviving, pick a tree that naturally wants to be here; one that can and has withstood the Midwest weather without a hitch.

Feel free to contact A Tree Services if you have Tree Service needs in the Twin Cities. Happy Planting!