Stump Removal Services St Paul MN

With the snow melting and those ugly timbers seem like they are rising from the dead. It may be time to contact your local professional tree care contractor for stump removal services St Paul MN! When you work with A Tree Service you get the best of the best! We have everything your nasty stumps need to break free from the earth and be discarded as they should be. Our heavy-duty machinery and top of the line contractors are highly trained and certified for knowledgeable and safe stump removal. Don’t let that stump catch your toe this summer, give us a call today we can get that timber out of your yard tomorrow!

Professional Stump Removal Services St. Paul MN

Does it pay to use your truck in attempts to remove a giant stump from your yard? No, no it does not. There have been so many accidents from reckless homeowners trying to get a lawn mower blade bender from out of the ground. Chains have broken and caused vehicle damage, even personal injury. Trucks get issues when trying to rip stumps from the ground. Dumping extreme amount of chemicals into the earth, right next to your home. Come on, that stuff can seep into your water system! From chain saw accidents, flying debris, all the way to cleaning up after wards. There are many reasons WHY TO hire a professional stump removal company in St. Paul MN. You have already found the best in the business right here with A Tree Service, so give us a call!

 When Stump Removal is Necessary?

Now stump removal may not be needed by everyone. For instance, if you have a fireplace inside you can use the stump for a wood chopping block. Or… you could paint it? Anyway, here are a few ideas when a good time is to get rid of that ugly stump that has been staring at you for years:

  1. After the 12th or 13th time that you had to buy new lawn mower blades, or bend them, or sharpen them.
  2. If you are sick of walking around it, over it, or smashing your toe on it when you are walking in the dark.
  3. When you have had enough of yelling at your children to be careful next to the stump, or when you cannot get over the fear of them needing stiches on any part of their body.
  4. You realize you want to sell the house and the next home owners would appreciate a nice full yard.

Residental, Commercial & Municipal Stump Removal Services St Paul MN

Anytime you think you need your stump removed, you do. They are nothing but a hazard to anything that it encounters. Also, it is an eyesore. Personally, I have yet to hear anyone say “wow, I love that old stump in your yard!” Let A Tree Service help you grind that nasty stump out of your way to a pave your perfect yard! Call us today!

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