St. Paul Tree Care Professionals

St. Paul Tree Care ProfessionalsAre you looking for St. Paul tree care professionals in your area? If so, we here at A Tree Service can help with any of your arboriculture needs! Our on staff certified arborist, along with our multiple decades of tree care experience and certifications help us in diagnosing problems and resolving issues that may arise. Whatever is happening on your property to your trees, we can assist you in growing healthy and well-maintained vegetation. Working with the constant battles against invasive tree diseases and insects we see many trees working tough to survive. With our wisdom, we can fight the predators attempting to destroy what we need to survive. Give us a call today for more information about tree care professionals in St. Paul, MN.

Tree Care Professionals St. Paul

Our tree care experts can identify early signs that there is an issue with your tree. Just like going to the doctor, spotting the early tells will greatly increase your odds of the tree recovering. Our highly qualified crews trim, remove trees, as well as save them. Here are a few of our regular procedures:

  • Injections- Professional tree injections will fight off diseases such as Oak Wilt, EAB, & Dutch Elm Disease.
  • Fertilization- The proper fertilization will assist the trees growth substantially- especially if in recovery.
  • Vegetation Growth- Guiding the growth to safety, around power lines, poles, your house. Our professionals will literally help your tree grow in different ways!

Having your property managed by a professional tree care company will greatly alter the beauty and growth on your land. Whether you have 2 trees or 50. Each and everyone deserves a fighting chance. Help us help the trees from the harmful diseases out there that they battle constantly if you are concerned – give us a call today!

We Care, Tree Care

Caring about the environment we live in should be ultimately important to everyone. What we put into the earth gets put into us at some point. What is in the soil can get into our water, so we have a little taste of everything sooner or later whether we would like to or not. By keeping our environment clean and helping mother nature opposed to destroying it our professional services are focused on assisting dying OXYGEN PRODUCERS (had to stress that there) when they need help. It will immensely improve our human life as well. Give us a call today for your local professional tree care services near St. Paul 612.724.6045!


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