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Signs of Tree Damages | MN ArboristsDamage to your trees and shrubs may be happening under your nose from common causes like insects, diseases, and mites. In most cases, these issues can be widespread before noticing them. It might be hard to tell if insects or diseases are casing a wide variety of issues to your trees, but some common signs are visible that can help you identify a problem.

Common Signs of Tree Damages

Although there are multiple common issues, and homeowners are not expected to diagnose the issues with precision, we are going to help you know how to identify problems before the damage becomes extensive. Let us now look at three signs that you need to be familiar with to know if insects or diseases have infested your trees. Signs of Minnesota Invasive Tree Insects & Diseases can lead to a bigger problem if not handled correctly. To be sure you don’t end up with a bigger issue on your hands, let our professional arborists ensure your project goes smoothly.

Chewed Foliage on Shrubs and Trees

If you see that the leaves of your trees or shrubs are eaten and there is a presence of small irregular holes, you could have an insect problem. The cause might be a beetle, an insect larva, or a weevil problem.

Different insects have different chewing patterns. For instance, beetles tend to eat on the mid-section of the foliage, leaving the leaf with only the veins. An expert can identify the right cause of the damage and provide the proper treatment.

Stripped Dull Foliage

An infestation of mites can cause the foliage to turn yellow and dry. Mites tend to cause the foliage to curl and become dull after sucking the juice from the plants. Scale insects and lace bugs also have the same impact. Once you work with an expert, it is easy to determine the type of insect that is causing the problem.

Cottony White Masses

If you see cottony white masses on your trees, you may be infected with woolly aphids, adelgid or scale. If you are not a professional, it is easy to mistake it for fuzzy mold while in fact, it is a sucking insect that loves sucking on plant fluids. You can also find that other insects like egg sacks can appear as white cottony.

White Spots on Shrubs & Trees

If you see lots of white spots on tree branches, twigs, or leaves, scale insects may be infesting your plants as they suck on plant fluids. The white spots are often thousands of white bugs that can easily be mistaken for mold. Scale insects can be larger bumps like the size of a ladybug. They are flat and tiny.

If you plan to hire the services of professional tree service experts, contact A Tree Service today. We will help you get rid of the pests and insects harming your trees.

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