Tree Inventory & Health Inspections Minnesota

Are you wondering about the health condition of your tree(s)? If so, contacting a local certified arborist to perform an inventory and health inspection is a fantastic first step. A Tree Service Inc. is a local Minneapolis/St Paul, MN tree care company that specializes in our local urban forestry and the care it needs to thrive. Our local Minnesota Arborists can help you map out the needs of your tree(s); which is important when estimating future maintenance, functionality and life expectancy. Having a tree and vegetation maintenance plan can help prevent any unexpected financial burdens, as well as help clarify what you should expect from your urban forest in the near and far future.

Tree Inventory Services in Minnesota

Identifying a tree’s condition starts first with inventory. The tree inventory services provided by A Tree Service, Inc. will convey and address many valuable details about the specific tree(s):

  • Identify Specific Tree Species
  • Current and Expected Mature Tree Size (including height and width)
  • Potential of Overcrowding
  • Presence or Absence of Tree Diseases
  • Presence or Absence of Tree Infestation
  • Root Condition and/or Crowding

Residential, Commercial & Municipal Tree Health Assessment

There’s much more that meets the eye when dealing with the health of a tree. And although there are many signs to watch out for as a property owner, there are additional signs our Licensed Minnesota Arborists are trained and experienced in. Our tree care experts will look at both the biological and structural condition of the tree; two separate functions that can commonly cause confusion to those who are untrained.

Tree Condition

There are quite a few factors that help our arborists understand the condition of your tree’s health. Our comprehensive inspections map out tree health by focusing on the following critical elements of the tree(s) in question:

  • Roots
  • Trunk
  • Branches
  • Foliage

Why Tree Condition is Important to you?

If a tree’s health is declining, it’s critical that someone takes notice. A weakening, diseased or infested tree can become unstable, unable to carry out photosynthesis and can result in a sudden collapse. Many times, the tree can be saved and this process can save you time, money and stress.

Urban Forest Management Plans |Arborist Consultation

Trees near houses, utility lines and roads can become a major issue if left in a weakened state or overgrowing. It’s no secret that preventative maintenance is usually the most cost effective and trees are no different. Creating a tree care management plan is a very proactive way to affordably keep up with the vegetation on your property. Contact our licensed arborist for a consultation and we can take the guess work out of your tree care maintenance needs. Contact A Tree Service, Inc. for Professional Tree Inventory and Tree Condition Services near Minneapolis and St Paul at (612) 724-6045.