Tree Care for Minneapolis & St. Paul Properties

Fertilization, Injections and Growth Control

Cultivating the property that you own is not always an easy task. Sure, you can hire for regular property maintenance but there are times when their services aren’t enough. One such instance would be addressing tree health on your property, especially if you see signs of weakening trees. Trees are essential to life on this planet and, at times, they may need a little extra help along the way. Our Minnesota Certified Arborists at A Tree Service can spot tell tail signs of a fading tree, greatly encourage newly planted and/or existing trees to thrive and we can correct or safely remove a tree that’s suffered from damage, disease or pests. There’s no doubt trees play an important role in our ecosystem and they also have the ability to improve property value, so do us all a favor and contact our local Minnesota Tree Care Professional when any trees on your property need some care.

Residential, Commercial & Municipal Tree Care in Minnesota

Our tree care professionals are experienced in partnering with owners of municipal properties, utility companies & the everyday homeowner to keep up with growth, health & the safety of a variety of Minnesota properties. When choosing to partner with a Tree Care Company in Minnesota be sure to do your homework. Anyone tending to your tree care needs should be an ISA Certified Arborist, this certification will ensure they are backed by an extensive amount of knowledge & equipment needed to safely & effectively handle your needs, the first time.

Common Tree Care Services We Provide the Minneapolis & St Paul, MN Area


Just like any living thing, trees need nutrition to survive and thrive. There are many elements that can play a role when trees are lacking in nutrition, factors range from poor soil to the landscaping design. A Tree Service offers organic fertilization services for Minneapolis & St Paul needs that will enhance and quite possibly save the life of your tree(s).


Living things are all prone to infections, your trees are no exception. A Tree Service offers Tree Injection Services near Minneapolis & St Paul that can correct the damages of many common threats, such as Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Bronze Birch Borer, and others. Tree Injections provide less disturbance to the tree itself and more to the pest or disease inside.

Vegetation Growth Control

Residential, Commercial & Municipal properties alike will have the need for growth control. Whether it’s a branch hitting the gutters, a tree growing towards powerlines, vegetation growth blocking visibility or any similar situation, it pays to be proactive. Our licensed arborists can design a plan for your property and its growth restrictions.

Tree Care Services Minneapolis & St Paul Minnesota

Your trees can either be an asset or a liability, ensure they do only good for you and partner with a trusted and local Minnesota Company that takes pride in their work, industry and community. You will be pleased to see the fruit of our labor reflecting positively on your property. Contact our Tree Care Professionals for an assessment on any of your tree care concerns by calling 612.724.6045.