Stump Grinding & Removal Minneapolis & St Paul

A Tree Service Inc. offers stump grinding and stump removal services for property owners throughout the Minneapolis and St Paul, MN area. Our Tree Care Professionals have the specialized equipment and knowledgeable team of professionals needed to rid you of that unwanted stump and surrounding tree roots. Contact us for a timely estimate on your tree stump and root removal needs in Minnesota today.

Residential, Commercial & Municipal Stump Grinding Services

Why Grind a Tree Stump? Regardless of what type of property you own or manage, having a tree stump is never a good addition. The decay will attract insects, possibly small wild animals, it is a hazard for people walking by, it’s a nuisance to mow around and it just doesn’t look good. There is nothing attractive about a dead tree stump, not even if you put a face and plants on it. If you want the stump gone, as if it were never there, it’s time to call A Tree Service Inc. We will get down to the root of your problem, literally.

Specialized Stump Grinding Equipment

Our licensed arborist will arrive at the location agreed upon with specialty equipment and the proper safety practices. When we’ve completed the stump removal and grinding process you will see us raking and carrying away mulch. Yes, that is how powerful and precise our equipment is. It is designed solely for cost-effective and safe tree stump removal, so take advantage of our investment and allow us to improve yours.

Stump Grinding Professionals

There is more than one way to grind a tree stump. But just because you can do something, doesn’t always mean you should. Our Stump Removal Experts are equipped with industry’s leading stump grinding equipment that can make easy work of even the largest tree stumps. The root system of a tree can grow deep and wide; they play a vital role for a living tree but can become a hassle once decaying in your yard. Each and every root system, no matter the species, will differ in size and depth and our stump grinding services will ensure you have a fresh canvas to cultivate and no lingering roots to get in your way.

Landscape Safe Tree Stump Removal

Our services are designed to lessen the hassle of stump and root removal for you. So the equipment we use to complete this task will not dig up any other parts of your lawn.  Our Tree Care Contractors are always conscientious of your current landscaping and will be gentle on your lawn. Do something about that obstacle on your property and call the Minneapolis & St Paul Stump Grinding Professionals for an estimate on your stump removal needs today at 612.724.6045.