Insect & Disease Management for Trees

Insect and Disease Management Services are another one of our tree care specialties. Tree’s face many dangers to illness, just as do we. These living oxygen producers have many places that could be vulnerable to attack, all the way from the roots to the leafs. And we are here to help educate you on some signs, symptoms, and know how, in order to prevent tree disease.

The Dangers Trees Face in Minnesota

There are many pests and diseases that can take a tree and its life without the right tree care protection. Some of the Most Common Tree Diseases and Insects in Minnesota Include:

Signs of Tree Damage or Interruption of the Growing Process include:

Trees that are struggling often start to show dead branches and leafs at the top of the tree or they may begin to thin, become discolored or present noticeable leaf loss. When tree’s get attacked during the larva stage of EAB there will be signs of stress or sickness, which entails sprouting of new branches at the base of the tree. When the bark splits, that is a sign that larva are gathering, and if you see a woodpecker consider that another sign of tree infestation because they eat the very insects that attack trees. A diseased or infested tree will have many similar qualities as it would in a drought or with insignificant nutrients. The larva feed off the trees nutrients, causing the irregular growth and health patterns and disrupting the photosynthesis process. So if your tree’s are experiencing two or more of these symptoms please don’t hesitate to call, we can have a certified tree worker come examine the tree(s) and provide you with the information needed to resolve the issues.

Warning Signs of a Damaged Tree

Often times trees can have issues due to other problems, not just insects or disease. Such problems causing root rot, oak wilt, hypoxylon cankers, and other tree diseases. To tell signs of an issue you can see unusual growths, spots on limbs or tree bark and the general decline of a trees appearance. When tree’s start to show these signs that means they may need immediate attention. Give us a call for any questions or concerns!

The many ways we Prevent Tree Damage due to Insect & Disease around Minnesota:

  • Preventative Tree Sprays – Our environmentally friendly sprays work wonders to keep the bugs away. We are equipped with industry leading insect repellant concentrate and that means no more wasting time swatting in the air.
  • Diseased Tree Correction (tree injections) – We have up to date, environmentally friendly tree injections that can be injected around the trunk or stem of the tree. These injections are a very effective way to help prevent and correct the damages done by insect infestation and/or tree disease.

Expert Tree Care Preventative Services

We have many preventative and corrective tree care tactics at our fingertips. Contact our Licensed Minnesota Arborists for a tree examination in the local Minneapolis and St Paul, MN area at 612.724.6045. We are a trusted local tree care company with over 35 years of experience and dedication.