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Ash trees are getting cut down left and right. Do you know what’s to blame? Emerald Ash Borer, also known as EAB. Once these beetles infest an ash tree there is not much more to do than quarentine, cut down, and remove the ash tree. A Tree Service offers Roseville Ash Tree Removal Services. Our ISA Certified Arborist knows how to deal with the removal of an EAB infected tree. It is important to act carefully and quickly so the current infected tree doesn’t endanger other near by ash trees.

Professional Roseville Ash Tree Removal Services

EAB Ash Tree Removal Roseville Any EAB infected ash tree is risky business. These tree dehabilitating beetles work their way into the core of the tree, therefore weakening it from the inside out. Most of the time the signs of infection arn’t apparent to the untrained eye until it is too late. Removal of an EAB infected ash tree should be performed by an expeiernced professional because the inside decay makes the tree less stable and fragile trees can be unpredictable.

EAB is Highly Contagious to other Ash Trees

This insect’s origin was traced back to Asia. The first Emerald Ash Borer sighting was in 2002 and since that date it has spread accross the Midwest and Canada. How does EAB Spread? The bettles fly about 1/2 mile each year. Most commonly, EAB beetles are transported through contaminated firewood and find a new host for thriving.

What Trees are at risk because of Emerald Ash Borer Beetles?

This beetle only infests ash trees. They do not need to be sick or weak. A completely healthy ash tree infected with EAB will die within 3 years.

What can you do about Emerald Ash Borer?

  • Emerald Ash Borer BeetleBe aware of quarentine areas
  • Burn only local firewood
  • Know the signs of Emerald Ash Borer
  • Remove Infected Tree(s) ASAP
  • Treat nearby or Infected Ash Tree(s) if possible

Roseville Ash Tree Removal Services

Contact A Tree Service for an inspection or a quote on ash tree removal at (612) 724-6045 or email us today.

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