Prevent Storm Damaged Trees with These Simple Tips

Everyone that owns land can benefit when they choose to prevent storm damaged trees with these simple tips. Prevention is the most cost-effective way to keep your property looking good without spending an arm and a leg. When storms roll through, there are a lot of properties littered with damaged, fallen trees and branches blocking driveways, sidewalks and many times even on top of buildings and vehicles. While this is never good news to find, there is a silver lining. If you are proactive you can highly diminish the chances of all this chaos.

How much wind does it take to break a healthy tree?

Regardless of the size of a tree, a healthy tree can stand wind speeds up to 90 miles per hour! That is an F1 tornado or very heavy straight-line winds. Such speed isn’t very common with most storms. Which means your trees, when property cared for, should weather most every storm with ease. The problem occurs when dead, heavy or weak branches and trees are left to sit and leave the tree vulnerable. If your tree is splitting at the crotch, looking overwhelmed with branches and/or slowly starting to die; it is time to call your Minneapolis Tree Care Company – A Tree Services!

Tips for Preventing Storm Damaged Trees & Property

  • Keep your trees trimmed and shaped – If you look at your trees and the tips of the branches are hanging low. It is time for a trim. Trimming will take extra weight off, allowing the tree to easily bend with the storm without snapping entirely.
  • Remove all dead branches & trees – Dead branches eventually fall. Sometimes they get stuck in other branches of the tree and hang there like the end of a Jenga game. other times they come down crashing and bring more branches with them. Dead branches aren’t just unpleasant to look at, they can also lead to unpleasant results. Our ISA Certified Arborist can effectively cut all the dead branches off to prevent more damage.
  • Get an inspection of your damaged looking trees – Is a quarter of your tree suffering from leaf loss or pine loss? That is a sign you should get an inspection to see how sturdy and healthy the tree is. Another sign of tree problems is premature color changes and falling leaves. Keep an eye out for anything unusual. The sooner you catch it, the more affordable it is to resolve or remove.
  • Give Trees Ample Space when Planting – Understanding the needs of the specific species of tree you are planting is essential. Some trees mature and are small, other trees mature into massive beauties and if there is not enough space for the roots and the crown it will not survive for very long. We can help you select the species, plant and maintain the for years if you would like.
  • Plant trees farther away from structures – Planting a large tree close to home for shade during the hot summer months is a common option. But it is important that the risks are worth the reward. Heavy winds can topple trees and when they are close to your home the chances of them landing on your roof are feasible. We can help you select the perfect location for your new trees to prevent future mishaps from happening.

Minnesota Storm Damaged Tree Prevention & Cleanup

Hindsight is 20/20. We have been in the Minnesota Tree Care Industry for over 30 years and we use our experience to help you prevent needless stress because of storms and tree damages. Call us now for a free quote for prevention or restoration at 612-724-6045

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