New Brighton Stump Removal Minnesota

A Tree Service offers fast & affordable New Brighton Stump Removal. As a Minnesota Tree Care Company we have a fleet of heavy machinery, including a specialized stump grinder, cranes and many other tools that allow us to smoothly grind up any stump, regardless of how big in diameter. Fill out our Online Form for a Free Estimate on your stump removal needs today or call us at 612-724-6045.

New Brighton Stump Removal Company MN

A single tree stump can bring a lot of hassle into a yard. From broken mower blades to a stubbed toe… Our professional tree removal company can make it easy to say goodbye to those rotting roots. Which can bring to light an entirely new design for your outdoor space. Let’s envision it now…

Ideas for Landscaping After Tree Stump Removal

  • Garden – Building a garden where an old stump may have been can offer you easy earth to work with when digging. It can quickly fix the grass line. If the location has great sun light, it may be just the perfect place to build a raised garden bed, or plant right into the earth. Our tree stump removal process never involves chemicals, one less thing to worry about for your family.
  • Playset – What a perfect way to start a new chapter. Building a playset can be a fun haven for kids, grandkids and even parents. And depending on your selection, it can be up in less than a week.
  • Firepit – Our stump grinding machine made quick work of that tough wood. Now, with the soil soft and easily malleable make it a spot you can enjoy. It is likely you have an open space now with the stump gone. What a perfect setting for a bonfire!
  • Birdfeeders – If you don’t have cunning cats and hunting hounds in your yard you may want to take this time to give back to nature. Placing bird feeders where an old stump can give back to your local wildlife. They may have one less home, but you have replaced it with a source of food. Good karma baby!

Professional Tree Stump Removal New Brighton Minnesota

When it is time for Tree Stump Removal, make it quick and painless by calling 612-724-6045.

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