Municipal Tree Care Eagan MN

Municipal Tree Care Eagan MNHaving a qualified company like A Tree Service tend to your municipal tree care in Eagan MN is always the best choice. We are a well-established tree care company with the capacity to offer great tree care services for any municipal properties or residential property that you might have. We have the proper licenses and regulatory certificates to work in municipal, commercial and private property. Our mission is to ensure that we leave your premises looking sharp and delightful for your friends, family, visitors and clients. We pride ourselves in providing trimming services, inspections, tree growth management service, emergency tree cleanup and much more.

Trimming Services

Trimming services helps your property look well taken care of, it helps to keep your trees healthy and it also protects you from the danger of having dangerous animals hiding in crowded tree areas. Our team of well-trained workers are available to present our tree trimming services around Minneapolis. We will be able to advise you on the best time to trim, which shapes will serve you best and guide you on how to keep your trees presentable even after trimming them.


There are times that one gets worried about the condition of the trees surrounding the property. We have a team of experienced tree care workers and a certified arborist who can help in inspecting the health of your trees from its roots, trunk, and branches, to its foliage. This will then help in mapping out how your tree will be taken care of and if you will need to start planting more trees in case the life span of the surrounding trees being inspected is short.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is not an easy task, if you hire a substandard company, you will regret how they will leave your grounds after removing a tree stump. This kind of task needs a company with a great track record and the right personnel who are certified. We will leave your grounds looking neat, clean and well leveled, ready for you to plan something great for the open space.

A Tree Service is a team of experienced arborists who look at providing the best services to our clients around town. We help in taking care of your trees in order to avoid accidents caused by falling tree branches and task ourselves in teaching you how to take care of your arboriculture. We are stocked with the necessary equipment to make your property have new life. Contact us at 612.724.6045, and we will take care of all your tree tasks. While we enhance the look of your property, ask us about our Eagan MN municipal tree care services!