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Our Minnesota Tree Service Company sees many familiar faces. Our clients depend on our services when the weather gets bad, a tree comes down and when it is time for biennial tree trimming. We want to take a moment to appreciate our clients that keep coming back. For each and every one of you who has liked us on Facebook (all 421 of you at this moment), those who have left reviews and posted on our page. You have made such a difference! Thank you!

Minnesota Tree Service Company that Cares

For those of you just finding our company online, on Facebook and in person – at our Minnesota shop. We welcome you and want to encourage you to ask questions about your concerns. If there is something about your tree you want to know, ask us. If there is something about firewood you would like to learn, ask us. We are only a phone call away or a short trip (if you are in the Twin Cities). Our Arborist can shed some light on your circumstances and explain to you our methods.  We don’t keep what we do a secret and we love to meet new faces.

What Can our Minnesota Tree Service Company do for you?

  • Tree Removal – Don’t leave a dead tree to fall in your yard. When you notice the signs of decline contact a professional tree removal company. The longer a tree sits to rot the more unpredictable they become. Keep everyone safe on your land by hiring our Minnesota Tree Service Company for safe, fast and affordable tree removal services.
  • Tree Inspection – What type of tree is that? Why is a tree missing its bark? How large is this tree going to get? Is my tree healthy? These are all questions we can answer when we complete a tree inspection upon your request.
  • Stump Removal – There is no good way to dress up a stump. So, if you want it removed we can make it painless for you.
  • Tree Pruning – Shape up your trees when they get overgrown with our professional pruning services.

Call our Minnesota Tree Service Company for an Free Estimate at 612.724.6045.

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