Minnesota Tree Care Company

A Tree Services is a Minnesota Tree Care Company that provides superior services at affordable prices. Call for a Free Estimate today on your specific tree care needs at 612.724.6045. Our ISA Certified arborists are ready to help you complete any tree care project needed. Storm Damage Tree Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding, Crane Tree Removal are just some of the services we have been providing the Twin Cities for over 30 Years. Our professionals also offer cut firewood for the fire place, smoke house or fire pit.

Making a Difference as a Minnesota Tree Care Company

We don’t just do our job. We love our job! Every day is something new. We are especially passionate about educating those interested in local invasive tree species and diseases. Knowledge is the key to stopping the rapid spread of EAB (emerald ash borer) and the many other dangers our trees face daily. Ash Tree Removal is on the rise and it is directly because of these beetles. They make their way into the tree to feed and before you notice it ash trees are wilting away and needing removal. We would love to see ash trees for years to come, they make up an important part of our arboriculture. If you would like to do your part, be sure to learn about the signs of EAB and report any possible infestations to an Arborist. Our Professional Tree Care Team will come out and inspect your ash tree for free!

Popular Minnesota Tree Care Company Services

  • Storm Damage Tree Removal – Strong winds can make a mess. Contact us to pick up the deadwood, debris and haul it all away.
  • Trimming – Branches blocking your view or leaning too low must go. Our team can make it happen.
  • Stump Grinding – Our famous stump disappearing act will leave you pleased.
  • Crane Tree Removal – For those hard to reach places, a crane is the only answer.
  • Fire Wood – Keep warm this winter with the help of a reliable local Minnesota firewood supplier.

Call or email us when you need a Minnesota Tree Care Company.

Call: 612.724.6045

Email: cvolk38105@aol.com

For Tree Emergencies: 612-282-7467 & 612-366-6266

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