Minnesota Invasive Tree Diseases

Diseased Tree MNAs limited as St. Paul’s urban forestry is, we need to preserve all the life we can. The vegetation around needs us just as much as we need it. Contacting a certified arborist for a regular inspection of your plants and trees can identify the possible presence of a diseased tree early enough so that we may preserve the vegetation and it can continue to produce our oxygen. Unfortunately, there are common pests that invade one of mother nature’s greatest gifts to man and feed off the one thing that gives us all life. There are a lot of pests out there, some more harmful than the other, in part one, we identify the less critical but still damaging diseases vegetation can encounter in Minnesota. Have an ISA Certified Tree Care worker near St. Paul stop by for an inspection on possible disease caused by invasive species to help your property maintain a beautiful and healthy look!

Tree/Shrub Diseases found in Minnesota:

Powdery Mildew

Commonly Powdery Mildew is found on plants, shrubs, and some trees. Powdery Mildew is a fungus that has grey or white spots on stem, buds, and leaves often in the young stage of the plant. When you see the ugly sight, its look is worse than its bite. These specific fungi are not too damaging to the host, so the fear of losing the vegetation doesn’t have to be thought of quite yet. But they can sure be an eye sore for property owners of all types. For a licensed and insured tree worker company to come by your home in St. Paul call us today.


Minnesota’s wet and cool spring weather tends to increase the damaging tree and shrub fungi referred to as Anthracnose. The most susceptible deciduous trees would be Norway Maple, Black Walnut, Elm, Ash, and White Oak. Visible signs that your tree in infected with anthracnose include orange brown blisters, irregular tan spots on the inner branch leaves and if not caught and the tree continues to weaken the fungi could escalate throughout the canopy top.

Thankfully these aren’t as damaging as other invasive species or damaging diseases they still carry bacteria that is harming the beauty in the growing vegetation and maintain a healthy tree helps fight off more serious disease that provide more significant damage. For a licensed and insured ISA Certified Arborist near St. Paul Minnesota to come by and check the health of your trees or shrubs give us a call today 612-724-6045!

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