Minnesota Invasive Tree Diseases 2

Insect Management MNTrying to figure out what is wrong with your oak tree? Why your ash is sprouting new growth? Or what bugs are eating away at your Aspen tree? Trees and shrubs are battling so many enemies, some can even be deadly to the urban forestry in St. Paul. Minnesota. Having an ISA Certified Arborist come by and inspect your trees and plants can increase your odds of saving any strained vegetation before it is too late. There are a lot of invasive species out there and A Tree Service is specialized to irradiate and control tree diseases and damaging insects by properly administering Diseased Tree Injections, developed to target the problem and impose minimum damage to the health of the tree.

Damaging Diseases and Species

Gypsy Moth

There are two types of Gypsy Moths, European and Asian. The European Gypsy Moth is more common in the United States. These invasive species dominate the Aspen and Oak trees and are one of the most damaging pests. They can completely defoliate entire trees. They spread by caterpillar movement slowly and annihilating everything in its path.

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Diseased Tree MNThe Emerald Ash Borer is another pesky intruder with six tiny legs and a metallic green tint to its top. These infesting species commonly target and kill millions of Ash Trees in North America. Preventing these pests from continuing their desecration of our oxygen providers seems to be a must at this point.

Dutch Elm Disease

All species of Elm trees are susceptible to this vicious green killer. The Dutch Elm Disease is carried and infects the bark of a tree by Elm Bark Beetles. The designs that are seen underneath the bark of the tree that has fallen off expose a thin layer that almost looks like fireworks going off. Beautiful but deadly.

Oak Wilt

The Oak Wilt will be tough to stop, because what it does is invades the tree’s water system blocking its ability to obtain proper nutrients and water supply. Caused by the fungus family Oak Wilt eventually will kill the infected tree. Indications can be dulling in the leaves if infected with the fungus. For an experienced arborist near St. Paul to come check out your plants and trees give us a call today!

Insect or Diseased Damaged Trees

There are a lot of damaging and life-threatening diseases out there for trees. You can help keep our local Minnesota trees safe by maintaining the health of those on your property and abiding by the non-transport regulations. Doing so will keep invasive species from traveling and infecting more regions of our beautiful nation. For more information about tree diseases or invasive species give us a call at 612.724.6045 today and speak with a certified arborist near St. Paul Minnesota.