Minneapolis & St Paul Tree Care Company

Tree Care Company MNTrees in Minneapolis & St. Paul are quite abundant, which means that if you own land in the Twin Cities, Minnesota you will, at some point or another, need the help of a qualified Minneapolis & St Paul Tree Care Company that is familiar with the local vegetation. From recycling air, shade, to increasing value and curb appeal – trees bring us so much, so an annual visit from a certified tree care company is little to ask for in return. Our Minnesota Certified Arborists and machine operators are experienced in every aspect when it comes to the vegetation on your property.

Tree Care Company: Growth

More often than not, property owners want their vegetation to thrive. A Tree Services can help with every aspect of your properties growth. Our professionals have an arsenal of techniques that will be specifically tailored to your exact growth needs.  These include:

  • Trimming & Pruning – To ensure unhealthy areas of your trees don’t weigh it down and to ensure they stay shapely and safe in their space.
  • Root Fertilization – Sometimes trees need a pick-me-up too. Soil conditions, crowded lands and damaging storms can all leave trees and vegetation in need of extra nutrients and our ISA Arborists are the ones to call.
  • Soil/Mulch – Our skilled tree care company can add soil to your land, helping it gain needed nutrients as well as mulch and additional shrubbery.

Tree Care Company: Health

A healthy tree is a tree that will grow but what happens when fertilizer isn’t enough? That is when you call A Tree Services. We can quickly diagnose the problem with your tree(s) and give you realistic solutions to go about the issue.

  • Inspections – An inspection of an ill looking tree will lead to a game plan of what to do next.
  • Tree Injections – Industry leading tree injections can halt and reverse the damages of many local tree diseases and invasive pests while doing the least amount of damaged to the already suffering tree.

Tree Care Company: Removal

  • Shrub Removal – Sometimes overgrowth leads many to need to remove shrubs from the property. Whether it is a code violation, safety hazard or just an eyesore our experts can safely and quickly remove unwanted shrubs and vegetation.
  • Tree Removal – Some diseased and infected trees can not be saved. At that point, they will need to be quarantined and removed properly to stop further transfer of the infection/pests. Our ISA Certified Arborist are skilled and experienced with tree disease and prevention. So if your tree(s) need to go, we are in the know!
  • High-Risk Jobs – Any tree removal can turn into a potential, high-risk situation. It doesn’t matter how much room it has to fall if one branch hits the wrong thing it can spell disaster and often injury. Our experienced tree care company has the skill, equipment and large scale machinery to ensure safety with even the largest trees in the smallest spaces.


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