Minneapolis Firewood Sale

A Tree Service offers Minneapolis Firewood Sale. Stop by our shop, near Cedar Ave S & E 38th Ave in Minneapolis between 9am-5pm. Browse our selection of Apple, Hickory, Mesquite, Maple, Oak and Cedar to burn in your fireplace for comfort and warmth. Or outside at a big bonfire with friends.  Many people enjoy our selection of wood to smoke their food. No matter how you utilize our firewood, we assure you an endless supply of ample variety and quality.

  • Our Location: 1849 E 38th St
    Minneapolis, MN 55407

The Source of our Firewood for Sale in Minneapolis, MN

Anyone can sell firewood on the internet. But with the risk of invasive beetles, like EAB, it is not always a smart buy. A Tree Services can guarantee the health of the firewood we provide because we have personally cut down each and every piece of wood we sell. As Minneapolis Tree Service Professionals and ISA Arborists it is our passion, job and daily practice to inspect the condition of each tree we come across. Many trees that are being cut down are because they are in the way. Whether it be a new fence addition, new construction, or what have you. Many of the trees we cut down for clients are healthy and, after proper curing, are ready to be safely burned and enjoyed in a whole other way.

Dangers of Purchasing Firewood with an Unknown Source

As Minnesota Arborists, we inspect, identify, quarantine and properly dispose of infected trees and wood we come across. Most people, that are not highly schooled, experience and as practiced as our professionals can easily miss the signs of an infected tree or firewood. They most likely have no idea they are risking the safety of your trees.

Purchasing firewood with infected beetles won’t be apparent to you the same night of the burn. Instead, months and commonly years go by without a change, until one day you start seeing a decline in the tree. By that time, it is almost always too late, and the tree will not survive this infestation.

Safe, Affordable & Reliable Minneapolis Firewood Sale

Call us today to learn more about our pricing or stop by our shop conveniently located in Minneapolis, MN. 612-724-6045

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