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A Tree Company has an ISA Certified Arborist on staff and serves Woodbury Minnesota. Our family owned Minnesota Tree Care Company has been providing Tree Trimming/Pruning, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Invasive Insect and Disease Management, and much more Arboriculture services for over 40 years. We understand the importance of being Insured, Licensed, Educated and working for our clients’ best interests. Contact us today for a Free Tree Care Service Estimate.

Why Hire an ISA Certified Arborist Woodbury MN?

Being ISA Certified means greater accountability, experience, and commitment. The safety and health of your trees and property depend on who you hire for your Tree Care needs. The wrong cut can cause devastating effects that could spread throughout your yard. Inexperience can be quite damaging and cost much more than the initial job itself. It is likely you work hard to keep your home and property safe and visually appealing, don’t make a mistake by cutting corners on Tree Work.

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Our ISA Certified Arborist Woodbury MN Offers:

  • Tree Trimming/Pruning – There comes a point when trimming is necessary. Whether it’s because you can’t safely pull into your driveway or branches are getting too close to your home or utility lines. That is when a professional tree trimmer is needed. Especially when dealing with hazardous tree branches close to power lines. If danger looms in your property, A Tree Company can resolve your issue quickly and professionally.
  • Tree Removal – A swaying tree in your yard is just asking to come down with the next storm. Make it a safer descent when you hire A Tree Company for complete tree removal.
  • Stump Grinding – Tree stumps can be a pain in the toe, in your yard and your view. Though there are many ways the internet says you can remove a stump, the safest, quickest and most effective is with specialized machinery. Our professional stump grinding services don’t take long. And they get to every root so that you have a blank canvas to work with.
  • Invasive Insect & Disease Management – If you have ever had to deal with a tree becoming infected with an insect or disease, you have likely seen how devastating it can be. Our team is trained and experienced in managing infected trees and stopping the spread of the infection while the removal process is underway. Don’t lose any more trees. Contact us today! Call A Tree Company for an ISA Certified Arborist in Woodbury MN at 612-724-6045

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