Invasive Species & Tree Disease Minneapolis

Invasive Species & Tree Disease MinneapolisDon’t let invasive species and tree disease in Minneapolis get out of hand. Here, at A Tree Service, we provide both residential and commercial tree care service in hopes that everywhere there is arboriculture, the trees are being tended to. From our certified arborist to the top of the line fertilizer and injections – the odds of saving your large elm have just gotten a whole lot bigger with us on the case. With our decades of local knowledge, along with the passion of our crews, there is no match for our dedication to battle the War on Tree Disease! For professional invasive species or tree disease treatment near Minneapolis, give us a call!

Minneapolis Invasive Species/Tree Disease

The amount of invasive species attacking local trees around Minnesota is still a problem. Invasive species are non-native and are destructive to foreign ecosystems. The species can be plants and animals but, in our scenario, they are usually insects or diseases that our specialist deal with. Here are a few of the insects harming our urban forestry:

Until we completely stop importing and exporting goods, traveling abroad, or go above Trump and build a bubble invasive species will make their way here and we will have to fend them off as long as we possibly can. Good thing our treatments, done by an ISA certified arborist, will assist your tree to prosper back to full health.

Tree Disease

Dealing with tree disease by Minneapolis is a specialty of ours, here at A Tree Services, our professional staff is equipped with all the means to an end of an awful tree disease. Hopefully, before the disease has gotten too far we can help. Ultimately, saving a tree is more important than removing one.  When dealing with tree disease you might hear the common ones found here in Minnesota:

  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Oak Wilt
  • Thousand Cankers

Tree disease can be caused by fungi, along with the help from insects transferring it from tree to tree. Stopping the spread of tree diseases will decrease the amount of tree removal needed around heavily populated and visited areas. Also maintaining proper tree growth and health will attract neighbors, friends, family, tourists (if you want them) and give yourself a little more sense of pride for taking care of your property. Give us a call here at A Tree Service, for you professional tree care services needs serving Minneapolis, 612-724-6045!


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