Insect Management of Minnesota Trees

Tree Insect ManagementDo you suspect your tree has been infested by bugs or disease? Is it growing weaker, thinning, turning color or showing other signs of trouble that are out of the ordinary? A Tree Service is a professional tree care company in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN that can offer affordable and effective treatment options for infected or diseased trees and if the tree is too far gone, we can correctly remove it and take the proper precautions needed to prevent further spread of disease or insects/pests. Certified arborists in Minnesota are highly knowledgeable when it comes to threats to our local Arboriculture and ours is no different.

Common Minnesota Tree Pests/Insects

  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) – Ash trees are susceptible to EAB, a pest that was identified in North America in 2002 and identified in Minnesota in 2009. Since the recent discovery of EAB, it has become a real threat to forestry in the USA and has already been spotted in over 25 of our states, a number that continues to grow.
  • Oak Wilt – Oak trees are susceptible to Oak Wilt, a fungus not native to our land and lethal to both red and white oak trees. The fungus attacks the internal water veins and wilts the leaves of an oak tree. Oak wilt can be spread underground when the roots of one oak tree touch another and through beetle that fed on sap and carry fungus onto the next tree.
  • Dutch Elm Disease – Elm trees are susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease, a fungus that infects Elm trees the same way Oak Wilt infects Oaks. The fungus infects the internal water veins of the Elm and eventually clogs water flow completely, in time killing the tree and others around if not detected.
  • Bronze Birch Borer – Birch and other trees are susceptible to Borer insect attacks, especially if they are unhealthy. Bronze Birch Borer and other Flathead Borers make their home a weak tree and cause further stress by feeding and multiplying in number. They eat the leaves and damage the inner bark which affects the internal structure of the birch, leading to death of the tree.

Certified Arborist in Minnesota Qualified to Manage Tree Insects

Yes, there are many threats to our local urban forestry but the good news is that if a tree in questionable health gets the proper diagnosis and treatment – early enough – it can make a full recovery. If you have noticed signs of weakness in your tree/s it is important to take action because all of these insects are spreading rapidly and we have the means to evict them, we just need to know where they are. Contact A Tree Service today for a free tree inspection or with more questions at 612.724.6045.