Firewood for Sale Minneapolis Minnesota

Looking to buy some firewood, that is safe to burn and affordably priced? A Tree Services has a great selection of firewood for sale Minneapolis Minnesota! We are open Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm. Our selection is protected from the elements and ready for you to pick up. Our Firewood selection available for pickup includes: Apple, Hickory, Mesquite, Maple, Oak and Cedar. Enjoy a warm bonfire, heat your home or smoke your meats. We have everything you need.

Apple Firewood for Sale Minneapolis

Apple firewood is known for its sweetness. This firewood is considered hard wood because of how dense it is. It is normally not used to heat a home, but it certainly can be. Many people enjoy purchasing apple firewood for smoking or cooking foods. Because the sweetness transfers into the food.

Hickory Firewood for Sale Minneapolis

Presplit hickory firewood is a dream to work with. Its low moisture content and high burning temperature make it easy to start a fire and keep it going. The hardest part about hickory firewood is splitting the wood. But when you purchase firewood from A Tree Services, the firewood is already split to perfection.

Maple Firewood for Sale Minneapolis

A very common and good burning wood to use is Maple. Maple firewood is readily available and a good choice to heat a home with. This wood can also be a hassle to split, but our company does the hard work, all our firewood is already split.

Mesquite Firewood for Sale Minneapolis

Mesquite firewood is good for both heating and eating. Our split mesquite firewood takes out all the hassle, no chopping for you. Just a smooth, smoky burn. Bring that sweet smoke into your home or diet, you won’t be disappointed.

Oak Firewood for Sale Minneapolis

Oak is a popular choice for firewood because of its abundance. Everywhere you look there are oak trees. It is important to consider the smell you desire if you plan to burn oak indoors. It is a controversial subject. Be sure to test burn oak before committing to this wood type for the long haul.

Cedar Firewood for Sale Minneapolis

Cedar firewood has a distinct smell. It also repels bugs which is why many homes incorporate cedar. Great for heating homes but because this wood is softer with oil, it crackles and pops, so be sure to protect the surroundings.

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