Firewood for Sale Minneapolis & St. Paul

When looking for the perfect firewood in the Minneapolis metro area, it seems to almost be like a needle in a haystack. Here at A Tree Service we understand there is no wasteful part of the tree, so we are able to recycle the trees we accumulate when dealing in the local Minnesota Tree Care Industry. We find good wood and recycle it. Here at A Tree Service, we strongly believe that agriculture is designed to be recycled and used in many different ways and we attempt to find each and every one of them. When recycling mother nature’s gifts we are not only helping cost efficiency but also helping the environment as well. Give us a call today and help us save a little more tomorrow!

Finely Cut Minnesota Firewood

Photo Feb 02, 8 33 51 PMFirewood is always an ideal product needed in many summer and winter activities. Whether it is small fires in the backyard, big bonfires while camping, or enjoying the natural light from the fireplace while reading over your all-time favorite novel. Here at A Tree Service, we have a stock pile of finely cut firewood for you. We insure that there are no harmful pests or pesticides and because we are licensed arborists, it is in our best interest to follow the regulations for Emerald Ash Borer. An insect that can be carried through firewood, from place to place, giving the infesting invaders more area to populate and continue their destruction of the forestry around us.

Repurposing Fallen Minnesota Trees

We don’t chop trees down for fun, we do it for a purpose and are fortunate enough to be able to re-purpose any good fire wood that doesn’t stand a chance in the ground. Give us a call we can help you have constant access at firewood to comfortably and affordably heat your home. Call us today for your inquiry about local firewood for sale in Minnesota!

Wood for Smoking and Cooking

Not only does A Tree Service Inc. offer firewood for camping and enjoyment, we also offer certain types of wood used for smoking and cooking. Some of the woods we carry include:

  • Apple
  • Hickory
  • Mesquite
  • Maple
  • Oak
  • Cedar

If you don’t see a particular wood listed give us a call to see if we have it in stock!

Pick Up Firewood from A-Tree Service Inc. – Conveniently Located in Minneapolis

We have many different options when it comes to the professionally split firewood selection. Many enjoy firewood for the comfort of natural heat and the undeniable smell of the hidden scents of fresh cut and burning wood. When looking for firewood in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area look no further than A Tree Service Inc. Give us a call next time you are in need of freshly cut and cared for firewood at 612.724.6045.