5 Tree Care Tips | A Tree Services Minnesota

Much of the time Mother Earth grows rapidly and other times we’re in need of Tree Care Tips to keep what we value alive. A Tree Service in Minnesota would like to share with you helpful 5 tree care tips! Whether it is planting a new tree or tending to a mature one, the list below is a good resource.

  1. Water young Trees – After planting a new tree or purchasing new land that has young tree(s) they should be watered. It is recommended that trees should be regularly watered for at least the first 3 years after its placement. This will help it grow to its potential, in both size and health.
  2. Mulch is a Tree’s best Friend and Yours – Weeds are pesky buggers. Not only do they make for long hours in the yard but they also diminish the water supply for all those around them that grow. Mulching your trees can prevent back breaking weed pulling sessions as well as keep moisture in the soil for the trees you would like to keep.
  3. Prune sooner than later – The best time to prune is in the dormant season of winter. Once the ground freezes pests are at bay and a trees energy supply can be more concentrated on sealing the wounds. However, there are times where pruning needs to be done immediately. Broken, dead and diseased branches should be dealt with immediately. Not come winter.
  4. Avoid Overcrowding – These days we have patios, driveways, foundations, underground piping and many other creations that a tree root can easily bust up. It is important to take into account all the concrete, asphalt and other aspects before you plant a tree, or even before you create a new addition. In addition to the roots tearing up your hard-earned structures, it also depletes the nutrients within the soil. And it can basically become a battle of two worlds.
  5. Keep the Weed Whacker Away! – There is something so captivating about straight lawn edges and evenly cut vegetation. Just be sure you are not getting carried away and weed whack or mow over your roots and trunk. If you simply can’t get the look you want without cutting close, stores sell truck protectors.

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